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Griff Lacey



Faith, Family, Friends, Rugby....


Born and raised in Northern California on the San Francisco Peninsula. Studied at Saint Francis HS, Marymount Palos Verdes College and Menlo College. Went on to 20+ years in High Tech with three different companies based in Silicon Valley.

In 2008 changed my focus back to art which I studied in college. Almost 10 years later it has become a passion and a career.

I work mostly with smaller entities; restaurants, home owners, small businesses, and some larger real estate firms and media companies. I have covered professional golf tournaments and international rugby matches and tournaments.

I am active on social media; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

As a former Rugby Player and current competitive amateur golfer; I understand where the action will be.

Please enjoy my photography and contact me ( or 714-904-3681) to inquire about my services.

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